Sunday, July 17, 2011

break a leg

Yeah, ONEatatime. But they didn't.

So she ended up with a fractured tibia. On her 2nd birthday. Poor baby girl. Yes, just from landing on the mat after being bounced. The rest of her birthday was spent in emergency, with lots of holding her down for x rays and painstop being spat on lots of nurses and lots of tears. Then the rest of the week in and out of the doctors and then a bone scan and even more tears and screams and holding down. Then the cast, where the doctor asked the nurse if she wanted earmuffs before they even started. So not fun. "Take it OFF, take it OFFFFF!"

But once that cast was on and we (sometime later) got over the fact that we can't wear two crocs for now and we asked Daddy one last time hopefully and far more politely "Take it off?", we got used to our new "big sock". We crawled with it sticking out at a right angle (it's a full leg cast), then a week later discovered how to hobble around on it a little. And that made us just about as proud of ourselves as our very first steps all over again!

The downside to the walking on it is that the cast is now dirty, really filthy actually. Anyone know how to fix that?