Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lego Quest Kids

His aircraft creation for the challenge at Lego Quest Kids. They have a monthly challenge based on a theme (this month was aircraft), photos are posted on the blog after. He loved seeing his there along with all the other different takes kids had on the challenge.

Monday, September 5, 2011

bath refusal

Both of my kids go through stretches where they will. not. have a bath. Once we get them back in somehow though, they don't want to get out!

Things that entice them in to the bath when they are refusing are -
A novelty change of location like the sink or basin or a little pool or outdoor tub if its hot
We put a baby bath inside our shower they like to sit in that while we shower
Bath crayons and paint, both kids LOVE these! There is an easy bath paint recipe here
Taking non bath toys in with them (obviously ones that won't get wrecked in the water!), things like trains and cars are a hit with roads or tracks drawn in bath crayon
Spray bottles with a little food colour or just water
Potion making with liquid soaps, bubble bath and shampoo while in the bath, makes for very clean smelling kids afterwards!