Friday, August 19, 2011

She HAS to do everything her brother does! If he rides a scooter, she needs to ride a scooter, if he gets a new helmet, she also needs a new helmet, like right. now. But it must be pink.

Check out his expression on spotting the goat! You can't tell from the photo but that goat was HUGE!

Kids often ask him why his scooter has two wheels at the front, he tells them because it's cool! He had a little blue one like hers which we replaced with a two wheeled one when he outgrew it but soon found he couldn't ride it. One of his sensory issues is with proprioception - the sense of movement and body position. So he got the bigger version with the extra wheel, which gives way more stability and he rides this one with no problem.

Oh, yes, it was such a fun walk home! He was tired out and decided to take a little lie down on the footpath! And she still can't go far at all with "Sore leg", she is still asking me to "I carry you" all the time! Lucky we only went 200m from home!

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