Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Scariest Ferris Wheel

Whenever he does something that can't be disturbed by a crazed 2 year old, we try to set her up with something similar so she feels like she is doing the same thing. Not that it lasts long before she wants to do something else but it buys him some time anyway!
lego homeschool
He loves to play with this stuff - it's Lego WeDo Robotics. You can build so many different things with it and then hook it up to the computer to program it. The software has really easy drag and drop programming and is a pretty cool introduction to this sort of thing. Lots and lots of learning wrapped up in fun.
The first program he did for the ferris wheel was way too fast, I think the poor mini figs would have been feeling very sick! He soon figured out how to slow it down and give them a nice cruisy ride though.


  1. Wow, what an awesome idea for a lego kit, your kids look totally absorbed in it! Did you buy it in Australia Mel, or did you have to get it shipped over?

  2. It is very cool Annette! You can make heaps of different things out of it. I did get it from the US because it was so much cheaper there. The first set I bought was sent to the mail forwarder and here no problem but they nearly didn't let me get the second set because apparently you need to use one of two places here that are licensed for Lego Education stuff, and they didn't want to send it to the mail forwarder I used because they could tell it was going overseas!

  3. I'll look into it Mel, thanks for that! Christmas will come before Caleb's birthday so I have some time up my sleeve! :P